Great accent piece. Decorate your kitchen, bathroom or any other room with an authentic design: This tile panel was designed by William Morris and produced by William De Morgan in 1876. Six panels composed of 66 earthenware tiles were commissioned by the banker, Edward Baring, for his bathroom at Membland Hall, north of Plymouth, UK (now demolished).

A pioneer of the Arts & Crafts Movement, William Morris (1834–1896) is one of the most influential designers of all time. Morris turned the tide of Victorian England against an increasingly industrialized manufacturing process towards a rediscovered respect for the skill of the maker. Morris’s whole approach still resonates today, and his designs are popular and much admired.

William Morris: Membland Hall tile

    • Authentic design
    • One size
    • Glossy or matte finish
    • Vibrant colors
  •   inch cm
    Width 6.00 15.24
    Height 8.00 20.32
    Depth 0.24 0.60