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Our Story

SmellyNoises is an independent design company.

Image by Redd


We design, print, and publish art prints & stationery that invite curiosity and contemplation. Every item is made with love by hand in our studio, so you can be sure every item has been crafted to the highest quality. We create beautifully designed stationeries, art prints, accessories, and gift items that come out more meaningful in the hands of their creators.


We work alongside various up-and-coming artists, museums, brands, and innovative labels to create our products. We value original artwork from creators of all kinds - from painters to illustrators to photographers to pattern designers and everything in between. The collaboration between us brings out the best in everyone to ensure we all win. 


Since the beginning, we've made decisions aimed towards reducing our carbon emission footprint. We're always on the lookout for fresh ways to improve. We operate by producing made-to-order products that result in less waste and fewer carbon emissions. Above this most of our paper creations are made from sustainably sourced paper to recyclable packaging.

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel
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